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Welcome to Peaceful Heart Essence- Holistic Wellness.  You will find a host of holistic wellness services and products that will fit your needs and empower you to take back your health and wellness…….Including: herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, products, retreats, classes, childbirth education, and lactation services. I have always been drawn to the holistic side of life from a very young age. However, I really didn’t start down the holistic path until my senior year of Undergraduate school in 2007 as I was introduced to the concept of home births, midwives and doulas. I didn’t realize until then that I could have control of my own health and health outcomes…..I was intrigued. Ultimately, what inspired me to take the holistic plunge was my daughter’s conditions.  She began to regress in development and no one could figure out why……after consulting with many doctors, no one could give me an answer except sending me to specialist after specialist.  I got sick of this vicious circle…..the doctors diagnosed her with failure to thrive…..I decided to take matters in my own hands and embrace my knowledge in holistic health, allopathic medicine and researching background. After much research and putting the pieces of the puzzle together I figured out she had an inability to adequately absorb nutrients and failed to gain weight thus hindering her ability to develop normally. The culprit was excessive inflammation in the gut and sensitivities to dyes and preservatives.  I changed her diet, gave her supplements and use essential oils for her mood issues…..lo and behold she gained 5 pounds and we started to see normal cognitive development. My path continues as I try to understand how modern life is hurting our quality of life with excess toxins we are constantly exposed to in our food, water, cleaning products and body products. We are over medicated as a society trying to treat the symptoms rather than finding and treating the root cause.  My job as a Holistic Practitioner is to guide you with my skills, knowledge and handmade products to become a better a toxin free you, a better feeling you, and a healthier you.

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Prenatal Coach

Pregnancy can be the most beautiful time of a family’s life; however, many unknowns are in the horizon when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Pregnancy coaches are designed for the family.  If you are not interested in getting a Birth Doula but would like guidance during the prenatal period and would like to feel prepared for birth, a prenatal coach is what you are looking for.

Holistic Wellness Consultation

During an Herbal Consultation, I will review the client’s health concerns, medical history, eating habits, lifestyle, and future goals. The second half of the consultation of the client’s personalized holistic protocol, which includes dietary, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions, will be presented and discussed.

Mother Roasting

Sacred Pregnancy Mother Roasting is the care of the new mother after birth, the recovery and the health of women as they embark on their journey into motherhood. Mother Roasting is the tender wrapping of the healing soul, warming the body, and binding mothers through the gentle guiding arms of their sisters.

Lety Murphy Aromatherapist Herbalist Doula Mother Roaster

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Confident in my abilities to support your holistic wellness decisions through education, encouragement, and guidance so you can have the confidence to make the best health decision.  Not only is it my goal to offer holistic wellness including herbal medicine consultations, Aromatherapy and nutrition consultations but I offer prenatal coaching and postpartum Doula services, Childbirth education, and lactation support.  In addition, I have expertise in hospital policies/procedures, patient rights advocacy and counseling.

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