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Sacred Scent is a sister program of the Sacred Living Movement created by Anni Daulter and explores the true spirit of aromatherapy and the diverse nature of essential oils. Sacred Scent is created by Lety Murphy a woman of many hats including a Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Breastfeeding counselor, Doula, postpartum Doula, business owner and holds a Masters degree. This program is not affiliated with any brand of essential oil.



Sacred Scent is delighted to offer another online workshop! Do you love to use essential oils but are afraid to use them around young babies or young children? Well fear no more!!!! Here is a special workshop for parents, for anyone who works with children and around children. In addition, this would be perfect for doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, sleep specialists, parent educators, family counselors or therapists and life coaches. This online workshop is designed to teach you how to effectively and safely use essential oils on, around and with your little ones. You will learn many recipes and explore many uses of essential oils with your little ones by using smell, touch, sound and INsight. Which include aromatic ways to calm your little ones at night or in times of distress, creative projects to do with your little ones and empowering natural solutions for the monthly rhythms and cycles for teenage girls and cologne spray for your teenage boy!

Lety is a Certified Aromatherapist who will be facilitating you through the whole workshop and beyond. GO AT YOUR OWN PACE! And is ONLINE! You will get an email with the release of each lesson which will direct you to the private website with all the materials including PDF, audio, tutorials, and links.

What you need to know:

~ Date: May 15th, 2016
~ Duration: 3 lessons
~ $55 for the first 25 to sign up….price will increase after that.
~ Will provide a supply list
~ Seal of completion and certificate of completion

This is to learn about essential oils for children of all ages including

Older children
Children with sensory processing or autism spectrum disorder

What you will get:

Activities and recipes
Magical uses of essential oils
Create and decorate a journal dedicated to your children
Aromatherapy sensory projects for little ones
Scented finger paints
Scented play dough
Aromatherapy for holidays

Giving Gratitude: Anointing Ceremony

Learn how to make a Protective sachets for your little ones
Learn how to make a Fall time Fairy Garden Fragrance
Teaching Botany of essential oils
Baby massage techniques

Many Recipes including…

~Baby butt balm
~Dirty diaper Spray
~Colic relief
~First Aid
~Cough drop
~Shower soother
~Calming spray
~Sleep recipes
~Sensory recipes
~Disinfectant spray
~Aromatic fizzing fun capsules for littles ones
~Moon cycle and mood relief recipes for teenage girls
~Cologne spray for teenage boys
~Face and clear skin recipes (for relief of acne)


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“I have learned so much on this journey, it has given me permission to carve out some me time to meditate, to reconnect on a spiritual level, get creative, create some wonderful holistic recipies for myself, family and friends, even get a better nights sleep! I now realise what a lovely treasure I discovered coming to the end of the course and that was me .”

— Callie Fontain From the UK


Sacred Scent is So So excited about offering this beautiful Aromatherapy course.  This online course is designed to awaken your Aromatherapy spirit.   Awakening your inspiration will explore many uses of essential oils by using smell, touch, taste, sound and INsight.  This is designed to be creative beyond the basic uses of essential oils.  Not only will you use your senses, you will explore unique ways to use essential oils. It will include, the history of Aromatherapy,  rituals and ceremonies, holistic living, LOTS of recipes, ways to use the oils in food, journaling, reiki, chakras, smell collages, art, aroma colors and creating fairy garden essences. Additionally, the course teaches you to use essential oils safely and effectively.

Go at your own pace.  Every week you will get an email that will direct you to the private website with all the materials which include audio, tutorials, and links.

Upon completion, you will get a “seal of completion” to place on your website.

Next Date:  Beginning January 25th, 2016

Who: Lety Murphy (Certified Aromatherapist) will be guiding you through 4 weeks of Aromatherapy magic.

Cost: $115 for the first 35 to sign up

Facebook: You will have access to a private Facebook group to post finished assignments, sisterhood, to privately ask questions and for discussion.

Supplies: I don’t want you to spend a lot on the supplies; therefore, I will recommend Mountain Rose essential oils as those are quality and reasonable priced essential oils.  If you are interested in the course please request the supply list.

*What you will get- Course Description

WEEK 1- Open to the aroma

* Introduction, History, safety, overall use, how to use, types of aromatherapy, carrier oils, holistic living

* Activity: Guided meditation, Art, Journaling, smell collage

* Create a blend with three oil

WEEK 2- Regenerative Energy

* Exploring body and health, Sleep, women’s health

* Guided meditation, Journaling, Acrylic art,

* Activities and recipes

~Bath Salts
~Handmade Soap with EO
~Bath Bombs
~Lip Balm
~Mouth Wash
~Foot Powder Blend
~Bath Oils
~Body Scrub
~Facial Masks

WEEK 3- Taking care of your tribe and dwelling

*Exploring Family, Home, Food, First Aid, Illness

*Meditation, journaling, art

*Activities and recipes:

~ Disinfectant- family
~ Headache spray
~ Flaxseed lavender pouches
~ Cleaning spray- family
~ Room Spray
~ Zanzibar cinnamon milk- family/food
~ Avocado Salad
~ Pico de Gallo
~ Vegetarian Pate

WEEK 4- Divine Connection

*Mind and Spirit- Chakras, Aroma colors, Reiki, Astrology, rituals and ceremonies, magical uses/Fairies and uses in Yoga.

*Mediation, Pastel arts, uses in Sacred Spaces

*Activities and recipes:

~ Creating fairy garden fragrances
~ Chakra oils
~ Misters

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Click here to find out more about Sacred Living Movement and Sacred Scent .



When: March 15th, 2016

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Our Aromatherapy workshop is designed to teach birth-workers (or those who work with pregnant women such as massage therapist, etc), pregnant and postpartum women the safe, proper and awesome use of essential oils during pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and breastfeeding. AROMATHERAPY FOR BIRTHWORKERS, (anyone working with pregnant women, i.e. pregnant massage therapists), BIRTH, PREGNANCY AND POSTPARTUM+ ANOINTING and FEAR RELEASE CEREMONY is designed to help women and birthworkers to heal body, mind + spirit during pregnancy and postpartum. The class will have an audio, handcrafted PDF and reading materials on the benefits and how to’s of the subtle energies of essential oil healing practices!
You will be invited to a private FB group upon signing up and will get a “supplies” list so you have what you need to get started practicing and working these services in your community right away upon completion of attending the webinar!
Aromatherapy and essential oil use is a sacred way to help the woman’s post birth body and spirit heal.

What you will learn:
~ Introduction of Aromatherapy
Introduction safety, overall use, how to use, carrier oils,
pregnancy/postpartum+holistic living
~ Uses and benefits of Aromatherapy in Pregnant, postpartum and
~ Which oils are safe by semester and during the postpartum period
~ Recipes using essential oils during pregnancy, birth, postpartum
and breastfeeding such as for nausea, sciatic pain, use during
birth and many other uses.
~ Contraindications and safety in Pregnant, birth, postpartum women
and breastfeeding. When to seek help and who to call, scope of
****BONUS LESSON******
~ Anointing and Fear Release ceremony
Be a part of the new wave of S A C R E D N E S S spreading through the birth world and be able to offer her these amazing HONORING services right away!
Register Here or leave your email address below!

Training Cost :
Fee: $60 (After the first 30 sign up, the fee goes back to $75)
You get a Certificate of Completion and Seal for your Website!
Fees must be paid in full upon signing up. To sign up, just respond below saying you wish to join us and I will shoot you an invoice and add you to the group online. We will communicate to the whole group via the private group as the training gets closer and we want to make announcements!

Details: each day you will get a video + audio and PDF learning tools for each service! BUT DONT WORRY, its go at your own pace so you don’t have to be there at a certain time to listen to it and you will additionally be able to keep the materials ( the audio/video/PDF, in which you will be able to print out afterward!) AND another super cool thing is you can be anywhere in the world and learn this awesome Aromatherapy for Birthworkers, pregnancy, and postpartum yumminess and spread the SACRED LOVE!

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