What My Clients & Customers Say

As a new mommy I have tried the Mama Happy tea, the Sweet Lactation tea, & the Lact-Ness-tea and have loved them all! The Mama Happy tea taste like paradise with the aroma of the flowers you will be smiling from ear to ear with each delicious cup! Both of the lactation teas have helped me with my production and taste great! They have a strong natural scent and taste that will warm your body and heart knowing how much you benefit your baby with each cup! Five stars all around for Lety’s creations with each blend!!


I also want to say that your itchy salve worked wonders for my husbands and my chapped hands. I’m going to be ordering more of that and more teas soon.


I absolutely love the “hot flash” tea and the awesome “wrinkle remover” face serum.


I LOVE the lip balm! Thank you so much.


LOVE!! wish I had lots more (Belly Balm) I feel like I have to use sparingly but that’s hard to do w a big belly lol. The smell is soo fantastic and it feels glorious!


Your lactation tea is helping my baby poop!!! She has a slow digestive track and since I’ve started drinking, she’s gone 3 times. So thank you!!!


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